Download and install futuristicOS 8
Download futuristicOS 8

By downloading futuristicOS 8 you agree to the following agreement:

futuristicOS 8 agreement

- You are not allowed to manipulate the software (or parts of it) to enable illegal activities such as bypassing the code-lock.
- You are not allowed to sell the software (or parts of it).
- futuristic does not assume liability for overridden test because of its abilities.
- Although futuristicOS should not cause any errors futuristic does not provide any guarantee for defects on your device.
- Using futuristicOS for illegal activities like planning a theft via Chabook on Network is not allowed.

Install futuristicOS 8

TI-Connect is required for installing futuristicOS 8, which can be downloaded for free from Texas Instruments.

1. Open the TI-DeviceExplorer and connect your computer to your TI-device.
2. Transfer either all of the programs except the futuristicOS-TI Group or the TI-Group (select all of the programs) only to your TI-device.
3. You can remove your TI-device from your computer now.
4. Ensure that all of the programs except prgmA1-A9, prgmBS, prgmFUTOS and prgmTPROG are archived to save memory and avoid data loss when using the Evaluation-Mode.
5. Start prgmFUTOS to launch futuristicOS.
6. Follow the instructions being displayed.