futuristicOS 8
The most advanced OS for the TI-84+
Designed to increase your productivity

futuristicOS 8 has been designed in a way that you can be more productive. The result are apps from an intelligent calendar to a CAS. futuristicOS 8 helps you solve algebraic problems like calculating your average mark faster and helps you stop the time for your experiment.

Well thought-out design

In futuristicOS a great importance was attached on elegant and simple design. The result are clear, innovative apps, where you know exactly how they work.

Years of development

Due to the long development time futuristicOS 8 was perfectly optimized for the hardware of the TI-84 +. This is also reflected in futuristicOS 8. For example, a lot of space and time is saved when starting Apps thanks to an intelligent method.

Easy to use

In futuristicOS 8 you can return to the homescreen simply by pressing 2ND from virtually anywhere. Or lock your device with ALPHA.