Features of futuristicOS 8
futuristicOS 8 provides a lot of thoughtful features

The home screen in futuristicOS 8 is the clear as never before. You have all the important information such as time and battery level at a glance. Choose any app, and you can see the whole name of the app.

Lock screen

futuristicOS 8 includes a unique lock screen that gives you the information you need when starting futuristicOS 8: The date, the time, the timer status, your note and your recently opened app. Thus, it can also happen that you start futuristicOS 8 briefly to find out the date or time.

Intelligent Text-Control

Tell Text-Control what to do and it can open apps or tell you the time. You can even tell Text-Control to lock your device. Of course Text-Control knows how to respond to "Hi" or "Bye".


The timetable in futuristicOS 8 always shows you your current as well as the following subjects of today. The indication of the time remaining as well as a progress bar can additional encourage or discourage you.


The CAS app can easily solve for X for you. For this, you just have to enter the equation and let the calculator do what he does best: Calculate.


The calculator-folder offers you 3 important calculator apps that can be useful in everyday situations.


The contract Calculator helps you picking a contract, by calculating the total price for 24 months and the average per month, so you can better compare contracts.

Currency calculator

The currency calculator will provide you a fast response if you want to know how much a product costs in an other currency.

Marks calculator

With the marks calculator you can quickly find out what your school grade will be if you show certain benefits in spoken and written.

Besides, you can also calculate your average mark without losing the overview.


In the settings you can - as the name suggests - adapt futuristicOS 8 to your needs, by changing the code, set a short code or change your name. If you have problems you can also reset futuristicOS 8 easyly. And for evaluations there is the evaluation mode, which takes care of futuristicOS 8 and your data when resetting the RAM of your device.


futuristicOS 8 allows you to create two notes, the first even being shown in the lock screen. And when editing you can simply press MODE to switch between entering letters and numbers.


Learn more about the current week by opening the clear calendar in Date and Time. The calendar shows you all the dates from the days of the current week.


In addition to the calendar Date and Time has more to offer in futuristicOS 8: A timer showing you the time to a point, ie, a countdown, or for a period, ie, a timer. The timer is easy to set up and shows you the duration and time when your time for work or school is over. But the best thing is that the timer is integrated directly into futuristicOS 8, ​​so that you don't even need to open Date and Time to see the remaining time.


The stopwatch in futuristicOS 8 can do pretty much what every stopwatch can do - namely stop time. However, the stopwatch runs, as well as the timer, even if your TI-84 + is off or helps you in evaluations.


To avoid making futuristicOS 8 too boring, we have designed some fun apps especially for futuristicOS 8.

Among the games app with the classic games Have a Guess, Snake and Tic Tac Toe against the calculator. This allows you to spend the time after you completed your task "more productive".


Network in futuristicOS 8 is something very special. With Network you can watch your own high scores in games, but Network can do even more: Compare high scores from you and your friend. Connect both calculators, start Network on both of them, follow the instructions and you'll see who is better at Have a Guess, Snake and Tic Tac Toe.


For quiet and paper-free communication over a short distance Chatbook was developed, with which you can send messages within Network to your friend.