futuristic Developer
Help improving the most advanced OS for TI-84 Plus, futuristicOS 8.1

If you find any bug, please report it with as much necessary information as possible to anthimos@me.com.

Take futuristicOS to the next level

Currently, futuristicOS 8.1 is the latest version of futuristicOS and it's very advanced, but why stop improving it?
If you want to improve futuristicOS you are very welcome to add even more functionality to it. You can get the source by downloading futuristicOS 8.1 and opening the program files in TI Program Editor. (They are locked only on the calculators to avoid breaking the programs)
For questions and documentation (there's not much, but enough) send a mail to anthimos@me.com.

We have moved to moonzean

Working on futuristicOS was a nice project but from our point of view this project is finished. However, you can find us on moonzean.com with Network and other great services developed there.

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